This workshop provides expert knowledge and effective methods to enhance your internal and external communications. Interactive hands-on-sessions deepen the gained knowledge in the context of your own research project and institute. Communicate! can be held as a one- or two-day workshop. Languages: English or German.


Introduction & Basics: 
Relevance, Horizon 2020, Overview of Commmunication Tools

Communication Strategy: 
Strategy Process, Communication Plan, Hands-on-Session

Interpersonal Communication:
Elevator Pitch, Smalltalk, Hands-on-Session

External Communication: 
Public Relations, Online Communications & Social Media, Hands-on-Session

Internal Communication: 
Team Building & Team Communication, Hands-on-Session

You know the most important communication tools and procedures for strategic decisions. You can improve the public visibility of your project, institute and scientists as well as the communication with your team and partners.

Project coordinators & managers
Work package leaders
Task leaders
Advisors from supporting institutions