for research projects and scientists.

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Communication matters.
For scientific institutions and 
publicly funded cooperative research projects. 

It’s a matter of fact: Professional communication for research projects is becoming more and more important. And a bigger challenge for scientific institutions, researchers and project coordinators. New funding programmes like Horizon 2020 expect more public visibility of your scientific work. Increasing project sizes bring up the need  for better team coordination.

Scientific institutions and research projects have a great need for a professional communication strategy: Successful communication improves the motivation and coordination of your team, increases your public visibility, improves your reputation, and helps you to gain new research partners, financial support and talented young researchers. 

Our aim is to improve your communication knowledge and strategy. And to consult you about the right communication tools you can use for your research project, your institution and your scienctists. We are experienced professionals in the fields of science, research projects, communication coaching, public relations and marketing.

"It’s not about the act alone, but about its perception and impact. The one who reports and explains can achieve more impact for the posterity, than the one who acted first."

Stefan Zweig  “A Comedy of Errors”